Join us to build sustainable economic growth in rural Africa

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How We Are Different

Sustainable economic development in rural communities hinges on market innovations that utilize local potential. At Kinvest Impact, our holistic ecosystem leverages innovation in solar-powered market hubs, leader development, savings groups, clean water, and rural transportation to catalyze transformative change.

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Our Model

The marketplace is the heart of rural African communities. It is where people gather, relationships grow, and commerce happens. It is where knowledge is shared between generations, and entrepreneurs test out their big ideas. A healthy, vibrant market hub is where local people can realize their potential and strengthen their village – for everyone.



Our solar market hubs provide local entrepreneurs access to commercial and industrial spaces equipped with clean water, renewable energy, microfinancing for equipment, and a transportation service. Amenities like electricity and clean water are shared with the surrounding community.



We provide practical support to local business owners by offering education and training in business and leadership. We run a leader development program for community cohorts to build their business skills and form peer networks. Our goal is to ensure entrepreneurs have the necessary tools to grow and become self-reliant.  ​



The guidance and support from our experienced mentors foster economic independence. We also connect local entrepreneurs to savings groups. These groups allow for catalytic, generational change by aiding entrepreneurs in overcoming challenges such as seasonality, transaction costs, and systemic risks.

Our Approach

Leader Development:

Nurturing Future Leaders

Entrepreneurs are incubated through our Leader Development Program. We run three-month training courses for community cohorts to build their business skills and form peer networks with the goal of accelerating their entrepreneurial dreams. After training, graduates form savings groups and participate in our ongoing coaching activities.

Kinvest Market Hubs:

Connecting the community to resources and each other

Kinvest Market Hubs are vibrant, independently managed marketplaces where people gather, entrepreneurship is encouraged, and businesses thrive. Local entrepreneurs access inspirational commercial and industrial spaces, equipped with clean water, renewable energy, financing for equipment, and a transportation service. Amenities like electricity and clean water are shared with the surrounding community.