Join us to build sustainable economic growth in rural Africa

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100 businesses powered by renewable energy.

120,000kg of products transferred to higher value markets.

800 business leaders trained.

20,000 people with sustainable water access.



Our solar market hubs provide local entrepreneurs access to commercial and industrial spaces equipped with clean water, renewable energy, microfinancing for equipment, and a transportation service. Amenities like electricity and clean water are shared with the surrounding community.



We provide practical support to local business owners by offering education and training in business and leadership. We run a leader development program for community cohorts to build their business skills and form peer networks. Our goal is to ensure entrepreneurs have the necessary tools to grow and become self-reliant.  ​



The guidance and support from our experienced mentors foster economic independence. We also connect local entrepreneurs to savings groups. These groups allow for catalytic, generational change by aiding entrepreneurs in overcoming challenges such as seasonality, transaction costs, and systemic risks.