Elia Manishimwe 

Feb 21, 2024

Working Out Of The :

When we first met Elia, he had just begun his tenancy at our pilot Gatebe Market Hub in 2020.  

Fast forward to today, Elia is a graduate of our Leader Development Program and now works from our new market hub in Gatebe.   

Through our program, he learned how to leverage limited resources to invest in his business. With newfound knowledge and determination, Elia began saving to reach his goals.   

Our lease-to-own (LTO) program allowed Elia to acquire welding materials to expand his services. Before the LTO, Elia served an average of three clients a week. Today, that number has more than doubled, with Elia catering to an average of eight weekly clients.   

Elia has also turned his initial goal in 2020 into reality by opening a hardware store within his welding shop.   

Elia continues to save diligently, with plans to venture into pig farming. He also looks forward to securing another LTO for a generator to enhance his ability to meet the needs of his growing clientele.  

We are honored to have contributed to Elia’s entrepreneurial journey and look forward to witnessing his continued success and impact within his community.