Gatebe Solar Marketplace: Solar Panel Installation 

Oct 31, 2023

The Gatebe Solar Marketplace construction is progressing as planned, with the next phase focusing on installing 17Kwp solar panels on the steel roof trusses. We now have installed over 100Kwp of solar across Nyagatare District. Our solar panels play a crucial role in providing essential access to electricity within developing communities.

Presently, Gatebe lacks access to electricity, presenting only two alternatives for power: the costly option of generators or a 10-kilometer trek to the nearest village with electricity.

The installation of solar panels in our market hub will provide the community with a reliable power source for various services, including welding, salon operations, a dairy cooperative, and general Internet access. Illuminating the marketplace center will also enable businesses to extend their operating hours past sundown, an option previously unavailable as most businesses operated from private homes without electricity.

This initiative marks a significant stride in community development, ensuring convenient access to essential services. With over 200 entrepreneurs residing in Gatebe, everyone stands to benefit from this newfound access to electricity.

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Join us in our efforts to extend access to electricity to other rural communities, enabling entrepreneurship to flourish.

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