International Day of Rural Women 

Oct 23, 2023

Today, we acknowledge the International Day of Rural Women and their invaluable contributions to sustainable development.  

Rural women are vital in upholding the sustainability of rural households and communities. Their contributions are reflected in the social and economic development of their villages.  

It’s important to acknowledge that despite progress, structural obstacles and discriminatory practices hinder women’s opportunities and political participation within rural households and communities. These constraints limit their capacity to establish businesses, access land, and generate income.   

At Kinvest, 80% of our Leader Development Program graduates are women. They take the initiative to learn about financial management and professional goal setting. These graduates have proceeded to start their own businesses and become influential leaders in their communities.   

Edith, featured in the image above and one of our instructors for the Leader Development course, emphasizes, “Our training has empowered many women with the knowledge and expertise needed to manage their businesses, even with limited financial resources, effectively. They have also made considerable strides in improving their communication skills, significantly enhancing their overall quality of life.”