Local Savings Groups 

Mar 1, 2024

At Kinvest Impact, we believe in the transformative potential of local-led initiatives.  

That is why we extend our support through coaching and mentoring to local savings groups within the communities we serve. Formed by our Leader Development Program graduates, these groups pool their resources to establish a fund members use to invest in income-generating activities.   

Members contribute to the collective fund at their weekly gatherings and receive loans at low-interest rates. The accrued interest is reinvested into the fund to sustain its growth.    

Recently, we had the privilege of attending a savings group session in Gatebe, where we assessed their progress, listened to their aspirations, and explored options for further assistance.  

One dairy product vendor member shared that with Kinvest’s assistance, she acquired a Lease-to-own agreement for a refrigerator, a vital tool for her business. Now, with the backing of the savings group, she is saving for a larger refrigerator, which will enable her to meet growing local demand.   

Another entrepreneur, having completed our Leader Development Program, shared that with newfound confidence and insights gained from the program, she secured a market stall at the Gatebe Market Hub. She is now saving to broaden her product range, catering to the community’s diverse needs.  

Similarly, the local hairstylist recently opened her salon at our Gatebe Market Hub, leveraging the consistent electricity supply. Motivated by her experience in our Leader Development Program, she is saving to invest in salon equipment to elevate her services.   

As these enterprising individuals pursue their savings goals, we stand alongside them, offering encouragement and support every step of the way.  

We invite you to join us in championing local savings groups as we strive to foster financial inclusivity at the local level. Donate today.