Community Engagement 

Oct 23, 2023

Sustainable economic development hinges on the capacity of the local communities to drive meaningful transformation. Rather than imposing solutions from the outside, we collaborate with community members to identify and leverage their unique strengths and assets.    

Our approach begins by actively involving local community leaders before establishing a market hub or offering our Leadership Development program in a new area. The objective of community engagement is to develop partnerships and gather input and suggestions from village leadership. We consider the community’s needs and aspirations and whether our initiatives align.    

In Nyagatare District, villages typically comprise more than 1,000 individuals, distributed across approximately 300 households. Weekly community gatherings occur in these villages, during which leaders are chosen to represent the community and lead committees overseeing security, health, development, and education.  

These appointed leaders are deeply invested in the welfare of their village and motivated to address underlying systemic challenges. In collaboration with them, we explore ways to tailor our partnership to their unique needs as they guide us in effectively delivering our offerings.  

During the process of community engagement, it is crucial to understand the local culture. Achieving this involves familiarizing ourselves with local customs and practices. We deploy people-oriented individuals who know the local language to learn from the community and build relationships. Once we develop an understanding of the local culture, we leverage word-of-mouth through community leaders to share our mission with the surrounding village. We provide contact information for our Leader Development team, enabling community members interested in business training and market hub opportunities to seek further details and ask questions.    

In the spirit of sustainable progress, together with local communities, we pave the way for a brighter future.