Follow Up with Sylvestre Ntiringanya 

Nov 13, 2023

Working Out Of The :

Recently, we caught up with Sylvestre, a shoemaker working out of our Shimwa Paul Market Hub.  

When we last interviewed Sylvestre back in 2022, he informed us that, since becoming a tenant at our market hub, his income increased by 30%. This financial boost enabled him to purchase new equipment and invest in raising two pigs.   

Fast forward to today, Sylvestre has eight piglets, which he plans to sell to generate additional income. He intends to utilize this profit to invest in his agricultural endeavors. He also remains committed to using his savings skills to update his business equipment.    

Sylvestre’s participation in our Leader Development Program has not only helped him expand his professional network but has also reinforced the importance of investing in one’s community. He has since taken on the role of mentoring two students from Shimwa Paul, passing on essential entrepreneurial skills to the next generation.   

When Sylvestre first became a tenant at our Market Hub, he served just five customers a day. However, through his growing network and the high foot traffic at our hub, he and his mentees now serve twenty customers daily.  

This incredible growth demonstrates the power of dedication and community support. We look forward to seeing where Sylvestre’s ambition takes him next.  

Sylivestre 1