Shimwa Paul Market Hub

Dec 1, 2022


Number of families recieving clean water


Businesses powered by renewable energy


Leaders trained


Families in savings group

Shimwa Paul Commons is our fourth marketplace. Officially opened in April 2022, this flagship location serves a growing region, as hundreds of new families have moved into the area in the past few years, rapidly transforming it from rural to semi-urban. We are located near a public housing development, where many people only have part-time jobs and are eager for more opportunities. The Commons produces enough water per day for 600 households and, as home to our largest solar power system to date, it can power 30 commercial shops and six industrial buildings with renewable energy. We are the first organization to bring reliable power to the area. 

Shimwa Paul has operated at full capacity since opening day! In the upcoming years, we will focus on nurturing a strong foundation for the site, particularly building capacity and coaching services for our many entrepreneurs. We also plan to bring in a clean electric transport solution, with recharging stations across Nyagatare District, with a particular focus on Shimwa Paul.