Back-to-School Fundraiser 

Oct 13, 2023

Leadership Development

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The back-to-school season is upon us, and Kinvest Impact Foundation is on a mission to change the trajectory of aspiring entrepreneurs in rural East Africa through education. For communities in Nyagatare, education catalyzes dreams, business growth, and a promising future.

Envision a world where every young adult possesses the tools and knowledge to start a business and bolster their local economies. You can turn this vision into reality.

Introducing Our Leadership Development Program:

At Kinvest Impact Foundation, we collaborate with local leaders and small businesses to build trust and co-develop beneficial long-term strategies. Our Business School offers:

Skill-Building Training: Hands-on experiences that equip young adults with the skills needed to succeed in the business world.

Entrepreneurship Promotion: Encouragement and guidance to transform ideas into viable businesses.

Peer Networking Opportunities: Creating connections and collaboration between aspiring entrepreneurs.

Post-Graduation Support: Graduates form savings groups and have access to our ongoing coaching and mentorship for sustained success.

Making a Difference: Our Impact So Far

In the last two years, we have trained over 550 emerging leaders. These graduates have not just started their own businesses but have also become integral in uplifting their communities.

What’s Next?

We are gearing up to launch seven new cohorts in the Nyagatare District. We aim to induct more than 75 aspiring entrepreneurs into our transformative business school program this fall.

Join Us Today in Building a Brighter Future

Explore our blog posts highlighting the stories of entrepreneurs like Oliver from Nyagashanga and Faith from Shimwa Paul to gain deeper insights into how our Business School has acted as a catalyst for business growth and dreams.

Your support can help us empower more entrepreneurs and bring about transformation in rural communities.

Let’s create a world filled with opportunity and prosperity for all.