International Day for Universal Access to Information

Oct 13, 2023

We recognize the International Day for Universal Access to Information, established by UNESCO in 2015.  

Access to information holds immense power and stands as a pivotal pillar for fostering inclusive societies. In our rapidly advancing digital age, e-governance is especially critical in facilitating access to information. The digitization of government services enhances accessibility and encourages political transparency.   

At Kinvest Impact Foundation, we champion the fundamental right of every person to seek and receive information. This belief drives our initiative to equip our market hubs in Nyagatare with solar panels, ensuring a continuous electricity supply. This provision enables local communities to access the internet from their villages. Through this initiative, the e-governance system of Rwanda, Irembo, can effectively operate from all our hubs. This means people can seamlessly sign up for healthcare, apply for birth and marriage certificates, file taxes, and acquire passports. Before, access to such services required a strenuous journey to neighboring villages with unreliable internet.    

Explore our other blog posts for a deeper understanding of the transformative potential that electricity and internet access offer to entrepreneurs and local communities. Let us celebrate the right to knowledge and advocate for universal access to information.