Gatebe ABCD Group 

Jan 8, 2024

In a recent focus group session with members of the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) group in the Gatebe community, we learned of the group’s ambitious aspirations.   

Asset-Based Community Development, an approach that leverages a community’s unique strengths for development, is locally driven and generates lasting transformation.  

Graduates from the same Leader Development cohort formed the group. They shared that they are eager to apply the key takeaways from the program and their entrepreneurial goals. Our on-site team of mentors and coaches offers consulting and guidance to support the group.   

Together, they started a savings group and are at the beginning stages of a beekeeping project utilizing group funds. Each group member will be responsible for two beehives.   

The revenue generated through honey sales will be used to acquire a milling machine, shared by the group, for maize flour production.  The milling machine will serve as a food source and provide more revenue to boost the local Gatebe economy.  

We look forward to checking in with the group’s progress soon, and we’re encouraged by their united determination.