Akayange ABCD Group 

Nov 1, 2023

In a recent focus group session with five members of our Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Group in Akayange, we had the opportunity to delve into their inspiring journey to success. Graduates from the same Leader Development Program cohort formed the group in May 2023, and it has since thrived.   

Asset-Based Community Development is an approach to community development that focuses on identifying and utilizing the unique strengths and assets within a community to foster sustainable development. These efforts are local-led and produce lasting positive change.   

The Akayange group has implemented the ABCD model and showcased exceptional collaboration and resourcefulness. The group meets twice a month, and each member contributes to the group’s savings fund. Early in the group’s formation, it was recognized that each member brings a wealth of farming experience. Leveraging available resources like fertilizers, cow manure, and pesticides from fellow group members’ farms, along with a small loan from Kinvest, they initiated a mushroom farm venture.    

After the first harvest, they yielded a remarkable 150% return on investment. Profit was reinvested into the group and distributed to members, enabling them to acquire land, build homes, invest in their children’s education, secure business equipment, and bolster the local economy.    

The Akayange community has recognized and appreciated the success of the ABCD group, and membership has expanded to 30 total members.  

The group’s long-term vision extends beyond mushroom farming, as they have already secured land to initiate maize and poultry farming. When asked about other plans, the group leader shared that establishing a market hub in Akayange would catalyze transformative impact. This market hub would streamline the sale of their products to the local community and provide a centralized platform for business, attracting high foot traffic and benefiting local businesses.  

A donation today will support the creation of the new Akayange Market Hub and stand as a beacon of hope for a thriving local economy. Join us in making a lasting difference. 

ABCD Group