New Akayange ABCD Group

May 16, 2024

Leadership Development

“Invest less, harvest much.”   

A new ABCD Group formed earlier this year in the Akayange community. The group comprises 18 recent graduates of our Leader Development Program who were inspired to put their newfound knowledge into action and pool their resources for significant gains.  

Asset-based Community Development (ABCD) leverages a community’s strengths, skills, and resources. Collaboratively, members set goals and implement initiatives to address local needs.    

The group combined resources to purchase 19 chickens, raising them at the group leader’s home. They aim to raise over 60 chickens and sell their eggs in the local market. With the income generated from egg sales, they plan to invest in land for a collective farming venture.   

The group is open to new participants, and prospective members must complete our Leader Development Program to ensure alignment with best practices in saving and investment. This inclusive approach fosters a shared understanding of the group’s vision and strategy.   

We look forward to tracking this group’s progress throughout the year as they actively contribute to local-led community development.