Staff Workshop in Nyagatare 

Oct 13, 2023

This month, Nathanael Hollands, our executive director, led a workshop in Nyagatare, focusing on our organizational values and ensuring alignment with our mission of fostering sustainable growth in local communities. Our market hub operators and teaching staff from the Leadership Development Program participated in this event.  

Nathanael reiterated our four core values during the workshop: Kinship, Courage, Optimism, and Accountability.  

Our fundamental belief lies in the interconnectedness of all people, driving our commitment to respectful collaboration and engagement with the communities we partner with. Our hub operators excel in building strong relationships with tenants and ensuring they have access to essential services.  

Our staff must also be united around our bold vision for rural Africa, where we envision village life in abundance. We boldly pursue lasting change, encouraging our team to challenge the status quo within local communities and brainstorm innovative ideas for a brighter future.  

Our forward-thinking solutions are rooted in optimism, fueled by our belief in the transformative potential of rural Africans and their communities. Our Leadership Development Program teaching staff is motivated to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and business skills to grow and become self-reliant.  

Nathanael also emphasized Kinvest’s dedication to accountability, promoting organizational transparency, and inviting constructive feedback. During the workshop, our staff enthusiastically shared ideas on expanding our services and improving communication.  

We express our gratitude to our Nyagatare staff and acknowledge their diligent efforts on the ground. United under our core values, we actively work with rural villages for the well-being of community members to drive sustainable, positive change.