World Sustainable Transport Day

Nov 26, 2023

Today is World Sustainable Transport Day. 
Sustainable transportation can foster connectivity and economic advancement in an accessible, dependable, and cost-effective manner, all while minimizing environmental impact.    

Nearly 60% of individuals in rural East Africa live 2 kilometers away from all-season roads, leading to 70-90% of journeys being made on foot. The lack of accessible roads isolates markets, hindering economic development. 

Our solution is Tujyane, our innovative transportation service, connecting rural entrepreneurs in East Africa to higher value markets. We are committed to making rural transportation affordable, reliable, and eco-friendly. 

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we have begun converting our vehicles to be 100% solar-powered. Going electric reduces costs and increases savings for our clients, all while powering rural development with renewable solar energy.  

Join us in raising funds for a new Tujyane vehicle. Your contribution to this service will eliminate market isolation and minimize environmental impact.  

Visit our fundraiser page to learn more.

Joseph Tujyane