Africa Industrialization Day 

Nov 20, 2023

Today marks Africa Industrialization Day, where we celebrate rural entrepreneurs’ strides in economic development.   

Industrial development can foster sustained and inclusive economic growth across rural Africa. Entrepreneurs working in industry are well-positioned to enhance their local economies by introducing new equipment and generating employment. Industry can also improve the overall productivity of communities and encourage self-sufficiency.    

One significant barrier to industry growth is limited market access. In rural communities, market isolation restricts entrepreneurs’ clientele, ability to reach larger markets, and access to essential services such as electricity and clean water. Over 60% of rural Africans live over 2 kilometers from all-season roads. There is a pressing need to enhance market accessibility in these regions, equipping local entrepreneurs with the resources necessary for business success and community advancement.  

At Kinvest, our mission is to build market innovations in rural Africa in collaboration with local communities, aiming to catalyze sustainable economic growth. Our market hubs provide local entrepreneurs access to commercial and industrial spaces where they can incubate ideas, accelerate business growth, and foster sustainable income to break the cycle of poverty. Equipped with renewable energy, clean water, and a transportation service, our market hubs aim to eliminate market isolation.  

Many of our market hub tenants are graduates from local technical and vocational education and training programs. Skilled in welding, shoemaking, carpentry, and tailoring, these individuals have taken on mentor roles within their communities, driving community-wide change.     

Joseph, our Senior Project Officer, has spent the last three years collaborating with local carpenters, welders, and painters in Nyagatare on various construction projects. He has observed that “empowering local entrepreneurs working in industry stimulates economic development at the grassroots level, generating innovation and job creation in the local community.”   

We express gratitude for our hardworking tenants’ dedication and invite you to join us in supporting them as we strive to catalyze sustainable economic development in rural Africa. 

Africa Industrialization Day