Gedeon Bimenyimana

Oct 13, 2023

The drive of entrepreneurs like Gedeon, a tenant at our Shimwa Paul Market Hub, stands as the cornerstone of our mission to catalyze sustainable change in rural communities.    

Gedeon learned the welding trade at a TVET trade school. He applied his skills as a welder, crafting items such as doors, windows, and gutters for the local area. In 2021, Gedeon was hired onto the construction crew for our Shimwa Paul Market Hub, where he was introduced to Kinvest.    

Observing the successful installation of solar panels within our market hub, Gedeon realized the opportunity to enhance his welding business by securing rental space, thereby gaining access to reliable electricity.  

As a tenant, he enrolled in our Leadership Development Program, which equipped him with effective financial management insights. After earning his certificate, Gedeon joined a savings group to start saving for more welding equipment.    

Gedeon’s involvement with Kinvest has helped him take his business to the next level. He now employs three people, and his client base has expanded. As a tenant at our Shimwa Paul Market Hub, Gedeon has significantly reduced his overhead expenses due to the economical electricity supply from our solar panels.    

Gedeon’s tenancy also facilitated an additional milestone for his family’s development: buying a plot of land. Land ownership holds great importance for families living in Nyagatare District, providing them with space to cultivate crops and raise livestock, essential for food security and income generation.   

When sharing his story, Gedeon expressed, “I feel known at Kinvest and appreciate the relationships I have formed with the staff. I thank God for this opportunity.”