Akayange Market Hub Fundraiser Update 

May 24, 2024

Fundraising update! 

We are proud to share that our new Akayange Market Hub in Eastern Rwanda will run solely on solar power! Our 35 kW solar system will save us an estimated $9,000 per year, allowing us to reinvest in initiatives that accelerate rural development. This solar installation will reduce our carbon footprint and produce clean energy for decades to come! 

This project was made possible thanks to the support of Hammond Climate Solutions Foundation’s Solar Moonshot Program, which provided a $25,000 grant to install solar panels at the Akayange Market Hub. 

As we prepare to break ground on the new Akayange Market Hub, we are looking to expand the project and do even more to serve the local community. 

Help us expand this market hub into a thriving commercial and industrial center, equipped with a business training room and water kiosk to serve 8,938 people.  

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