New Construction Project: Akayange Market Hub 

Mar 11, 2024

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Our team is thrilled to begin the construction of the Akayange Market Hub this spring!  

Akayange is a vibrant community in Eastern Rwanda, home to over 2,050 families. It is rich in potential and eager for economic growth and development.  

We launched our Leadership Development Program in Akayange two years ago, equipping local entrepreneurs and farmers with essential business skills.  

Following their training, our graduates established savings and Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) groups. These local-led initiatives catalyze sustainable rural development.  

Our market hubs serve as places for communities to gather. The Akayange hub will be a platform for business expansion, offering increased foot traffic and access to essential amenities like electricity and water. 

We prioritize making energy affordable, reliable, and renewable. Our solar panels will power the micro-industrial center, supporting activities such as electrical milling, welding, and carpentry.  

With a capacity for 200 people, the Akayange Market Hub will serve as a vibrant community market.

Join us in building market innovations in communities like Akayange by donating today.