Leadership Development: Our Transformative Business School

Oct 23, 2023

At Kinvest Impact, our belief in the potential of rural East African entrepreneurs is the driving force behind our mission to spark transformational change within these communities. Our goal is to enable local entrepreneurs not just to survive but thrive. Our Leadership Development Program is a crucial element of our approach, offering a free business school for aspiring business owners.   

The Leadership Development Program has already touched the lives of over 550 local entrepreneurs in Nyagatare District. Our business school extends beyond teaching business skills; it’s a holistic approach that aims to facilitate access to education and healthcare and stimulate the flourishing of the entire community.   

The director of our Leadership Development Program, Peace, articulates our impact, “We aim to unleash the potential of local entrepreneurs in rural areas. Within our program, we have witnessed the remarkable transformation of individuals as they begin to believe in themselves and are inspired to become catalysts for change in their communities.”    

We developed our curriculum alongside Focus Business School, a nonprofit organization operating in Rwanda, which shares our vision of impacting East Africa through experience-based learning.    

The curriculum comprises nine modules covering crucial aspects of entrepreneurship, including financial literacy, long-term planning, professional goal setting, marketing and accounting strategies, and the character of a successful businessperson.    

To ensure that our Business School curriculum addresses the evolving needs of the entrepreneurs we serve, we regularly collect feedback on their learning experiences. Surveys are conducted at various stages, including before training begins, during the program, upon graduation, and six months post-training. This iterative feedback process facilitates the ongoing enhancement of our program.   

To continue expanding our offerings, we require additional training officers. With more educators, we can reduce class sizes, encouraging greater intentionality and networking among our students.   

Join us in our mission by donating today to support the Leadership Development Program and grow our staff. Your contribution is pivotal in empowering local entrepreneurs and driving positive change within their communities. Together, we can make a difference.