Follow Up with Daniel Tuyisenge 

Sep 13, 2023

Working Out Of The :

We’re excited to share an update on Daniel, the owner of a barbershop at the Nyenyeri Marketplace, and how he’s been actively expanding his business and investing in his future.  

By utilizing the TV he acquired through Kinvest’s microloan, Daniel has effectively attracted a growing number of clients. Over the past year and a half, his earnings have risen by 40%. Notably, he has brought on an additional employee from his community named Eric. 

Moreover, Daniel has made productive use of the land he purchased alongside fellow members of his savings group cohort. On this land they grow tree tomatoes and raise livestock. Daniel also secured a loan to acquire cattle and produce fertilizer to enhance crop growth.  

Currently, Daniel is in the process of saving for updated chairs and equipment. He aims to introduce haircut services for women, expanding his offerings.  

We will continue to keep you updated on Daniel’s entrepreneurial journey as he takes on a catalytic leadership role within his local community. 

Eric and Daniel