Daniel Tuyisenge

Dec 1, 2022

Working Out Of The :

Daniel is a barber who works out of Nyenyeri Commons. During Kinvest’s business training, he was encouraged to dream bigger for his business – and invest in that dream. Kinvest provided a microloan for him to buy a TV to screen movies and soccer matches at his shop. He’s now earning more income from his TV side business than from cutting hair. With his extra income, he has purchased land with some others in his cohort – one of the most important ways to build transferable wealth in rural Africa.

“I’m so grateful for the work Kinvest is doing in our home village,” he told us. “These trainings made me realize that I can take a risk in achieving my goals. [Getting a loan] has been a great opportunity for me because it’s more profitable, and I can also use it as a marketing strategy for my barber services.”

In the future, Daniel hopes to save enough money to buy a milling machine to increase his earnings.