Frank Rutebuka 

Nov 1, 2023

Working Out Of The :

Introducing Frank, an entrepreneur working out of our Shimwa Paul Market Hub.   

Prior to his involvement with Kinvest, Frank operated as a retailer, procuring produce from wholesalers and selling directly from his home. He struggled to establish a consistent client base and had limited business hours due to the lack of electricity access. Kinvest’s emergence in Shimwa Paul in 2021, offering rental options for occupants, immediately caught Frank’s attention and ignited his interest.  

Identifying a gap within his community, Frank proactively worked to establish Shimwa Paul’s first butcher shop in 2022 at our market hub. Frank acquired the necessary equipment to start his business through our equipment financing initiative. The option to make installment payments on a refrigerator proved instrumental in overcoming his initial capital limitations.  

The combination of Frank’s initiative and the high foot traffic generated by our market hub resulted in a profitable business. Previously, Frank’s role as a retailer yielded a 30% profit margin. Today, as a thriving butcher, his profit margin has surged to 50%. The increase in his income has enabled Frank to support his family beyond what he initially believed possible, including funding the education of his six children.  

Through his partnership with Kinvest, Frank not only has a voice in his future, but also can provide employment opportunities to fellow community members.  

To Frank, “Kinvest truly works to support the local economy. Kinvest partners with entrepreneurs and helps them grow their businesses.”  

Fueled by his aspirations and an unwavering entrepreneurial zeal, Frank is now saving to expand his butcher business into a neighboring community. We look forward to witnessing where Frank’s ambition and determination will take him next.