Geoffrey Rusagara 

Mar 27, 2024

Working Out Of The :

Meet Geoffrey, a dedicated farmer and Leader Development Program graduate in Gatebe.   

Geoffrey learned about our program through his wife, who completed the training in 2022 and took away valuable financial management skills.   

Inspired by his wife’s journey, Geoffrey enrolled to gain a deeper understanding of measuring business profitability, aiming to maximize the returns from his farming business.  

Within our program, Geoffrey experienced personal and professional growth. He explained, “I now feel confident in my abilities as a businessman. I am ready to invest in my future and give back to my community.”  

To grow his business, Geoffrey plans to invest in high-quality seeds to enhance the productivity and sustainability of his farm. Additionally, he wants to enter the milling industry, processing cassava leaves and ginger. The launch of the Gatebe Market Hub also holds excitement for him, as it provides access to electricity, opening new possibilities for milling within Gatebe.   

Another takeaway Geoffrey gained from the program is the importance of giving back to one’s local community. Geoffrey is committed to sharing insights with fellow small business owners to advance local economic development.  

Geoffrey’s story is a testament to the ripple effect of business training in the broader community.  

We look forward to witnessing the transformation he brings to his business and the Gatebe community.  

Our Leader Development Program imparts business skills and forms peer networks in rural communities, enabling local-led, income-generating activities and equipping entrepreneurs to utilize market-creating innovations. 

Join us in coming alongside entrepreneurs like Geoffrey to accelerate sustainable economic development in rural Africa.