Mediatrice Yadufashije 

Jan 3, 2024

Working Out Of The :

Meet Mediatrice, a farmer, tailor, and graduate of our Leader Development Program.

Mediatrice enrolled in our Gatebe cohort to learn how to grow her business sustainably. 

At the graduation ceremony, she shared her main takeaway of “separating grains and bread,” signifying the importance of reinvesting her earnings into her business.  

We recently followed up with Mediatrice to see how she is applying the lessons from our program.   

Previously, she allocated her entire income to living expenses. With a 50% increase in profits from increasing her tailoring offerings, she puts surplus earnings towards growing her business, diversifying her produce, and saving for more sewing equipment.   

In celebrating stories like Mediatrice’s, we recognize small business owners’ capability to contribute to the economic growth of their local communities.