Yvan Harerimana 

Mar 6, 2024

Introducing Yvan, a self-employed tailor whose unwavering determination led to remarkable transformation.    

Before Kinvest, Yvan’s business had little room for stability and growth. His ability to work depended entirely on the availability of a sewing machine for rent and his financial capacity to afford it.   

Everything changed when a community leader in Akayange recognized Yvan’s potential and introduced him to Kinvest’s Leader Development Program in 2021.    

Through Kinvest, Yvan learned valuable skills in financial management and goal-setting. He discovered the power of saving and how to plan for long-term success in his business.   

Upon graduating from the program, Yvan joined a savings group with fellow graduates and, with a loan, purchased his very own sewing machine.   

Fueled by determination, Yvan didn’t just stop at one machine. After a few months, he utilized his newfound financial knowledge to expand his business and acquire two additional machines, each with unique capabilities, broadening the scope of his services.   

No longer limited by his circumstances, Yvan’s business flourished. He could now sew uniforms and patches and provide various finishing options, catering to a broader clientele.   

By 2022, Yvan had paid off his loans and invested further in his future by purchasing a piece of land, laying the groundwork for his family’s stability.  

Today, he is saving to build his own house.  

Yvan’s journey from struggling tailor to thriving landowner is a testament to the transformative impact of Kinvest’s programs, igniting hope and empowering dreams within communities like Akayange.