Innocent Ndahayo 

Mar 13, 2024

Tujyane is our innovative transportation service, connecting rural communities to high-value markets.    

In Rwanda, Tujyane means “let’s go together,” representing a beacon of hope for communities like Nyagashanga, where access to affordable and reliable transportation can be transformative for local businesses.   

Consider the story of Innocent, a small business owner in Nyagashanga and regular user of Tujyane.    

Previously reliant on bicycles to transport goods to his retail shop, Innocent faced significant challenges. It would take four days for the goods to reach him, limiting his capacity to meet customer demands.    

Enter Tujyane. With its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, our transportation service has revolutionized the way local businesses operate. Now, goods can be delivered to Innocent’s shop on the same day at one-third the previous cost.  

Innocent explained that because of Tujyane, he can better serve his customers, ensuring he never misses a sale and accommodating specific client needs.    

The benefits extend beyond Innocent’s business. With increased income, he can afford to pay his children’s school fees and provide his family with balanced meals.   

Looking ahead, Innocent’s goal is to expand his retail offerings to attract more local clientele and meet the diverse needs of the Nyagashanga community.   

Innocent’s story exemplifies the ripple effect of Tujyane. By providing entrepreneurs access to efficient and affordable transportation, we are accelerating rural development in partnership with local communities.   

A donation today will help us buy ten more Tujyane vehicles by the end of this year and reach more entrepreneurs like Innocent in Eastern Rwanda.