Kinvest Transportation Service: Tujyane

Oct 3, 2023

Transportation Image Transportation

Accessibility and transportation are pivotal to economic growth and prosperity in rural areas. For rural entrepreneurs, limited market access is a significant barrier to expanding business reach. To address this challenge, Kinvest is proud to introduce Tujyane, an innovative e-mobility transportation service acting as a powerful catalyst for enhancing market reach and boosting profitability, ultimately enabling rural entrepreneurs to thrive.  

Donatien, one of our dedicated transportation drivers, highlights the transformative impact of Tujyane on the local community. He explains, “In Nyagatare, affordable transportation opportunities are scarce, and alternative options lack the capacity to transport large quantities and meet growing demand.”   

Our service transports a wide range of goods in Nyagatare District, including animals, produce, drinks, equipment, raw materials, and clothing. What sets us apart is our commitment to affordability and punctuality. Tujyane has achieved remarkable success by reducing transportation times by 70%, with 40% less expensive prices than other means of transportation in the area.  

The time and cost savings offered by Tujyane go beyond mere transportation solutions; they empower rural entrepreneurs to shift from a mindset of survival to growth. Tujyane enables entrepreneurs to dream bigger and work towards a future where their businesses flourish and community prospers. With more time and financial resources, entrepreneurs can strategically plan, implement growth initiatives, explore new markets, diversify their product offerings, and invest in marketing and customer engagement.   

Today, we are witnessing a surge in demand for Tujyane’s services, with an average of 15 entrepreneurs utilizing our vehicle weekly. We are taking a significant step forward to meet increasing need by purchasing three additional vehicles this month. We are also training more drivers, equipping them with essential business practices, including customer service.   

We invite you to join us as we continue to grow and evolve Tujyane. By donating today, you’re helping to hire drivers, purchase vehicles, and expand our reach to serve even more rural entrepreneurs. Together, we can bridge the gap between limited market access and boundless possibilities that await rural communities.