Jean Ingabire

Oct 13, 2023

Jean serves as a prime example of how seizing opportunities can bring about a pivotal change in one’s life. 

Formerly engaged in farming in the Nyagashanga community, Jean felt restricted by her home-based business. Then, in 2020, our coming to her village to establish a market hub sparked Jean’s interest. Recognizing our marketplace as a gateway to grow her business activities and access a broader customer pool, Jean decided to rent a space. As one of the first tenants of our Nyagashanga marketplace, Jean sold sacks of maize from her farm, and her earnings increased by 30% in the first year.   

By 2022, Jean was ready to elevate her business. Diversifying her product range beyond farm-grown items, Jean established a mixed shop. She recognized the local demand for refrigerated food and beverages and secured a refrigerator through Kinvest’s lease-to-own (LTO) program.   

Jean also decided to enroll in our leadership development program. Using insights from the program, she effectively managed her financial resources and paid off the refrigerator. Jean’s use of the refrigerator and knowledge from our program led to an impressive 80% increase in income.   

This rise in income has allowed Jean to continue to invest in the growth of her business and support her family. She can now afford healthcare and save for her children to attend school, generating sustainable change.  

Jean has exciting plans for the future. She’s committed to saving to expand her operations and diversify her inventory. We look forward to witnessing where Jean’s entrepreneurial zeal takes her business next.