Nyagashanga Market Hub

Dec 1, 2022


Number of families recieving clean water


Businesses powered by renewable energy


Leaders trained


Families in savings group

Nyagashanga is home to Kinvest’s first pilot marketplace site. On market day, thousands of people from surrounding communities come to the open air market in Nyagashanga–yet it still lacks modern infrastructure like water and electricity, and dedicated space to host gatherings and entrepreneurs. We opened our business hub in 2020 to offer water, electricity, and leader training to the community.

One of our first tenants was the dairy cooperative. They used our services to finance and power a dairy chiller where more than 120 farmers could store extra milk instead of letting it go to waste. This was such a success, they expanded to the Shimwa Paul Commons as well! Eventually, we hope to open a modern market on the site, with covered stalls and space for hundreds business owners, and add an additional water point to bolster access to clean water.