Olivier Nyiyodusenga 

Aug 16, 2023

Working Out Of The :

In the rural community of Nyagashanga, there is no shortage of creative minds with entrepreneurial aspirations, all driven by a deep desire to see their community thrive. Among them is Olivier, who, despite facing challenging circumstances, is motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit. Determined to make ends meet, he ventured into various job opportunities, and in 2021, he was led to a part-time position in a cyber services business at the Kinvest Impact Nyagashanga marketplace. 

Inspired by the thriving ventures at our marketplace, Olivier decided to pursue his passion for owning his own business. He enrolled in our Focus Business School. Our program proved transformative, equipping him with essential business skills, including the art of money management. With newfound knowledge and support, Olivier earned a certificate and set his sights on starting a media production business. 

With savings from his part-time job, he purchased the necessary equipment: a computer and speaker system. In May 2023, he launched his business out of the Nyagashanga marketplace, providing films and music services to his local community.  

Olivier’s business has thrived, steadily increasing his income and yielding promising outcomes. Today, he serves over ten clients a day, bringing him a consistent stream of revenue. His vision for the future is bright, as he remains committed to implementing what he learned from the Kinvest Impact Leadership Development Program. His aspirations include saving up to acquire additional equipment, such as an extra monitor and more memory storage for his computer. 

Olivier’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, learning, and believing in oneself. Through his dedication and willingness to learn, he is building a prosperous future for himself, his family, and his community. 

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