Mentor Spotlight: Gloria Umutesi

Aug 21, 2023

At Kinvest, we recognize the importance of providing continual coaching services for our Leadership Development Program graduates. We are committed to mentoring emerging leaders, ensuring their holistic growth, and enabling them to thrive in their local communities.

As graduates start businesses and join savings groups, they face evolving industry landscapes and opportunities. By providing an enduring relationship of mentorship, we aim to create an environment where our graduates can further hone their skills and fortify their decision-making abilities.

We asked Gloria, one of our on-site mentors based in Nyagatare, to share her insight into the importance of our coaching services and experience in this role. Let’s see what she has to share.

1. What motivated you to become a mentor, and what do you hope to achieve through this mentorship program?

The desire to share my knowledge and offer guidance to entrepreneurs in how to improve their business operations motivated me to become a mentor. Through mentoring, I hope to witness local business owners grow professionally and become well-equipped to achieve their targeted goals.

2. How would you describe the progress and growth you’ve observed in those you’ve mentored since the start of the program?

I have observed mentees exhibit personal growth and confidence. Among the entrepreneurs I work with, there’s a noticeable improvement in their businesses as they analyze the markets in which they operate and build relationships with their potential customers.

3. Can you share a success story or particularly memorable moments from your mentoring relationships?

I worked with an entrepreneur who struggled to implement some of the concepts taught in our leadership development program, such as how to address local market demand. After a few sessions, we discovered ways he could be more creative and innovative in his retail business. This entrepreneur has since started recognizing the needs within his client base and brainstormed products he can sell that set him apart from his competitors. He now sells goods such as rice, sugar, wheat flour, and salt on a large scale in his wholesale shop. I can confidently say that he is well-equipped to continue to be innovative and expand his business.

4. Do you see the mentorship program continuing to benefit both you and your mentees in the future?

Being a mentor is continuously increasing my social understanding of the entrepreneurs I work with, including how they operate in their villages with the resources available. For the mentees, I see this program developing their various skills such as problem-solving and collaboration. Ultimately, this program improves the growth and sustainability of the entrepreneur’s businesses in their communities.

Gloria Umutesi