Olivier Munyaneza  

Dec 7, 2023

Working Out Of The :

“Working at the Kinvest Market Hub has allowed me to expand my business and provide for my family.”  

Introducing Oliver, an innovative local entrepreneur at our Nyenyeri Market Hub.    

Olivier was a farmer who dreamed of becoming a welder and owning his own business. He took a chance and studied the trade under a local welder.    

He recognized our market hub as an ideal location due to its reliable electricity access. Upon receiving an equipment loan from Kinvest, he purchased the necessary machinery and joined in February 2021.    

Through our Leader Development Program, Olivier learned how to build rapport with customers to retain clients. His business has since thrived with consistent, high-quality work, earning referrals within Nyenyeri and increasing his monthly clientele by 150%.  

With the equipment loan repaid, Oliver is focused on saving to expand his business operations.

We look forward to seeing where Olivier’s entrepreneurial spirit takes him next! 

Olivier Nyenyeri