Staff Highlight: Canisius

May 13, 2024

Meet Canisius, one of our Leader Development trainers in Eastern Rwanda. We recently sat with Canisius to learn more about his role and passion for teaching.   

Our Leader Development Program imparts business skills and forms peer networks in rural communities, enabling local-led, income-generating activities and equipping entrepreneurs to utilize market-creating innovations.   

We’re thankful for dedicated team members like Canisius, who actively drive positive transformation within local communities.

How did you first hear about Kinvest?  

Before joining Kinvest, I was a student at the University of Rwanda, studying economics. I heard Kinvest was operating in my home village, Nyenyeri, and decided to move back. It was evident from the beginning that Kinvest has a sincere passion for positively impacting rural villages.  

Why did you choose to become a trainer?  

My background in economics equipped me with the knowledge to educate people on essential business skills. Passing on life-changing and transformative information is incredibly meaningful. Helping individuals grow their businesses and invest in futures creates real change within the community.   

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I have been part of Kinvest for four years, since the beginning. I teach five leader development cohorts at a time. My favorite part of my role is guiding students as they dream for their futures. I have seen people start new businesses and provide for their families. It is inspiring to see people envisioning what they want to achieve.  

What is your dream for the Nyenyeri community?  

My dream for Nyenyeri is for everyone to save enough money to handle obstacles and daily problems, allowing them to focus on personal and community growth. I want to help individuals to pursue their aspirations without being held back by financial constraints. I love being a part of shaping the future of my village and seeing my students thrive.   

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