Staff Highlight: Fred

Nov 3, 2023

How do we measure our impact at Kinvest? 

From routinely conducting interviews to gathering quantitative data, we track our progress and gather feedback from the communities we work with. Based on these measurements and evaluations, we improve our services to ensure they’re generating the most impact for local villages.  
Hear from Fred, our lead survey collector, to learn more about how we measure the impact of our Leader Development Program.  

Can you tell us about your role at Kinvest?  

My name is Fred, and I’m the lead survey collector for Kinvest. I work with our Leader Development team to monitor and evaluate our program’s effectiveness. Over the past three months, I’ve gathered feedback and insights from more than 500 in-person surveys.  

Can you describe these surveys?   

I conduct four types of surveys. We first administer pre-training questionnaires, aiming to understand our students’ backgrounds and their current situation. We also conduct surveys during the program, upon graduation, and six months post-training. This feedback process allows us to improve our program. 

How does Kinvest utilize the survey data?  

The survey responses allow us to tailor our program content to the specific needs of our students. They also assess how well our students grasp the course content. The post-graduation surveys track the progress of our students, evaluating how they’ve utilized their newfound financial and planning skills. 

What are some of the most fulfilling aspects of your job?   

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the opportunity to conduct post-training surveys. I witness the transformation of our students as they grow their businesses. They’ve learned how to save, invest, and purchase land. The excitement and enthusiasm I observe among graduates is very encouraging.