Yvonne Manirakiza

Nov 22, 2023

Working Out Of The :

Meet Yvonne, a dedicated entrepreneur committed to serving her local community.  

Before leasing a market stall at our Shimwa Paul Market Hub, Yvonne operated a home-based business selling bananas and avocados. Seeking a more extensive client base, she joined the Kinvest community at Shimwa Paul.   

Our Leader Development Program increased her confidence in her money management abilities. Post-graduation, Yvonne secured a loan from the local Kinvest savings group to expand her retail offerings to include drinks, chips, maize, and rice.  

Since establishing her tenancy at Shimwa Paul and utilizing the financial expertise gained from our program, Yvonne’s daily clientele has grown by 200%.  

Yvonne’s increased earnings enabled her to invest in land and save for purchasing livestock. She and her husband aim to accumulate funds for a second property, which they will rent out.  

Looking ahead for her shop, Yvonne plans to continue diversifying her offerings by reinvesting her profits. She aims to introduce baby clothes, diapers, and wipes, recognizing the local demand for such products.  

We look forward to catching up with Yvonne soon to witness her ongoing success!