International Day of Clean Energy

Jan 26, 2024

Clean energy stands as the foundation for a sustainable future.   

Today is the International Day of Clean Energy, which emphasizes the need for sustainable, affordable, and equitable access to renewable energy.  

Clean energy reduces emissions and benefits communities without access to reliable power sources.  

The United Nations states that 675 million people live in the dark- 4 in 5 are in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Electricity is necessary for education, healthcare, and economic advancement. Recognizing the interconnectedness of clean energy, economic development, and environmental sustainability is crucial in addressing challenges faced by the communities we serve.   

At Kinvest Impact, we introduce clean energy to communities in the Nyagatare District of Rwanda, where access to electricity is scarce. Each market hub is solar-powered, and we are converting our transportation service vehicles to be fully electric.   

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