Leader Development Program 2024 Update

May 20, 2024

Our Leader Development Program is already creating a significant impact this year!  

With 186 graduates in 2024 and 11 active cohorts receiving training, we are equipping local small business owners and farmers with essential business management skills.  

This year, we have witnessed an incredible transformation through our comprehensive training and mentorship. Graduates have launched new ventures, expanded their businesses, and positively impacted their communities by creating jobs and serving local needs.  

Alums leave with vital skills in budgeting and planning, ready to tackle challenges and seize growth opportunities. They have achieved remarkable business improvements and paved the way for financial security.  

Our Leader Development Program plays a vital role within our holistic approach to accelerate rural development, as it equips entrepreneurs to utilize our services and invest in their local economies.  

We remain committed to this impactful work and will continue to support even more individuals on their path to financial independence and success.