Locally Sourced Marketing in Nyagatare 

Nov 6, 2023

We champion sustainable practices.  

This commitment extends to our on-the-ground marketing initiatives in Nyagatare. That’s why we asked Gedeon, a welder from our Shimwa Paul Market Hub, to create a stencil of our logo for us. This stencil allows us to generate awareness about the Kinvest brand in a manner that supports the local economy and is sustainable.   

Local entrepreneurs, such as Gedeon, play a crucial role in the economic development of their communities. By collaborating with him to create the stencil, we are fostering a sense of community and contributing to the local economy.  

This marketing strategy is also environmentally sustainable. Traditional marketing materials, such as paper flyers and plastic banners, are often harmful to the environment. In contrast, our stencil is made from sustainable materials designed for long-term use.   

Jean de Dieu, our Business Manager in Nyagatare, echos this point by explaining, “We reached out to Gedeon because he is one of our most skilled welding tenants at Shimwa Paul. We wanted to support his business while creating a durable and eco-friendly marketing tool.”  

At Kinvest, we’re leveraging the skills of local entrepreneurs to create sustainable marketing solutions that not only raise awareness for our brand but also support the local economy while minimizing our ecological footprint.   

Gedeon Stencil

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