Driving our Solar-Powered Vehicle to Nyagatare

Jan 5, 2024

Our first solar-powered Tujyane vehicle made it to Nyagatare!  

After testing the vehicle in Kigali, our engineering team initiated a range test and drove the vehicle over 130 km to our Nyagashanga Market Hub. Now, we are operating the vehicle in Nyagatare and testing it on rural roads.  

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are going electric and will convert each of our vehicles to be 100% solar-powered.  

Going electric reduces costs and increases savings for our clients, all while powering rural development with renewable solar energy.  

We are converting these vehicles in our Market Hubs using local talent that graduated from our Leader Development Program.  

Our partner communities are the most vulnerable to climate change, and innovative responses are needed to build more sustainable solutions. 

Our Senior Project Officer, Joseph, who is overseeing the conversion process, states, “It is great to have our first converted vehicle up and running in Nyagatare, and I look forward to transforming our other vehicles. For this project, we are utilizing our on-site staff at our Market Hubs and prioritizing environmental sustainability.” 

Check out the video of our solar-powered vehicle in action in Nyagatare!