Fostering Community Development through Digital Financing   

Nov 1, 2023

In the pursuit of fostering community development and financial inclusion, we introduced savings groups in Nyagatare to Dream Save, a digital financing tool developed by Dream Start Labs. In a training session in Nyagatare, we engaged 18 local savings group leaders representing the communities we collaborate with, including Nyagashanga, Akagera, Akayange, Gatebe, and Bwiza.  

The Dream Save app allows savings groups to manage financial records and achieve savings goals. Individual members can track their financial records using the platform, even from a basic feature phone.    

By digitizing financing within savings groups, we have enhanced trust and transparency among members, improved accessibility and accuracy, bridged generational gaps, and encouraged transparent financial practices.   

92% of our Leadership Development Program graduates have joined one of our 16 Kinvest savings groups. Over 53% of these members are women, illustrating our commitment to gender-inclusive financial growth. Members save for their businesses, livestock, children’s school fees, home improvement projects, land, technology, and vehicles.  

The tangible impact of these savings groups has proved to be transformative in members’ lives. Through their collective efforts, over 70% of members have successfully acquired new assets for their businesses, propelling growth and expanding offerings. This catalytic change is self-sustaining and community-led.   

We look forward to witnessing local savings groups’ continued growth and prosperity.