The Power of Water: Our Clean Water Initiative

Oct 3, 2023

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The Need for Clean Water

Imagine If you were born where you had to walk an average of 1 hour just to get water every day. And the quality of that water? It would likely be unsafe and could lead you to getting sick. Resulting in less time working or staying in school. 47% of the Rwandan population lack access to basic clean water services. That is why clean and accessible water is so important for community wellbeing in, especially in the dry season when water is even harder to find.

Clean Water Solution: Ivomo

Our clean water program, “Ivomo,” provides a reliable, affordable clean water source for rural communities in Eastern Rwanda. We’re installing solar-powered water wells and pumping 5 times more water than was previously available.  Our initiative is not just about providing clean water today; we train local agents to manage and maintain this micro water utility so that it will serve the community long into the future.

We have already produced over 4 million liters of clean water, serving 10,000 people daily at 50% less cost than other water sources. At Kinvest Impact, our commitment to making clean water more accessible, affordable, and sustainable is unwavering.

Looking Forward – Upcoming Projects and Initiatives

Completion of the Water Borehole Project

As we tirelessly continue our work for the communities we serve, our immediate priority is to complete the three water wells project before the onset of the dry season. The availability of clean water becomes significantly constrained during this period. These wells are crucial for ensuring an uninterrupted water supply, on which the communities we serve heavily rely.

We have successfully completed the construction of three new boreholes in Nyagashanga, Karangazi, and Gasima regions. This achievement has nearly tripled our water capacity and output. Currently, we are finalizing the pipework to enable us to deliver water to the heart of these communities. The construction of the water points will commence in early July, marking a significant step towards providing affordable and sustainable water access to more communities.

July & August are the dry season in rural Rwanda and that is when the need for clean water is at the highest. Would you make a financial contribution to help ensure our clean water system is ready for the some of the driest, hottest, months of the year?

Your contribution makes a huge difference. With just $100, you can help provide sustainable water access to a family.

Join Us in Making a Lasting Impact

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Together, we can create a world where clean water is accessible to those who need it most.