Solar-Powered Micro Milling Machine Testing  

Oct 3, 2023

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Solar-Powered Micro Milling Machine Testing

In the agrarian landscape of Nyagatare, the harvesting of maize stands as the primary source of income for many farmers. Many of these farmers use diesel milling machines due to their community’s limited access to electricity, which undermines the quality of their maize produce. To address this concern, we introduced the Agsol Micro Milling Machine to connect local farmers with an innovative technology that harnesses the power of solar electricity, promising superior harvest quality.  

Through testing, we aim to gather critical data and insights into the machine’s performance, adaptability to local contexts, and impact on entrepreneurial goals. This knowledge will inform further refinements ensuring that it aligns with the needs and aspirations of rural communities.  

At Kinvest, we recognize the immense potential held by innovative technologies to revolutionize and drive positive change in rural economies. Our testing of the Agsol Micro Milling Machine reflects our commitment to innovation and the piloting of new technologies tailored to support the growth of entrepreneurial and farming activity.   

We chose to test the Agsol Micro Milling Machine due to Agsol’s prominent position in the solar agro-processing machinery sector. Just as our mission centers around fostering sustainable economic development in rural communities, Agsol is dedicated to enhancing rural economies and creating positive social impact in villages. Notably, Agsol machines are “green for life,” signifying their solar-powered nature and long-lasting build.   

By providing rural communities access to advanced technologies like the Agsol Micro Milling Machine, we aim to equip them with the tools they need to thrive, cultivating a vibrant and self-sustaining economic ecosystem within these regions. 

Hear from Nat Hollands, our executive director, as he showcases the testing of the Agsol Micro Milling Machine at our Shimwa Paul marketplace.