Staff Highlight: Kagame

Oct 13, 2023

Introducing Kagame, our dedicated Junior Business Officer, who focuses on client recruitment and manages our Tujyane service.

We recently sat down with him to understand his position within the Kinvest story.

Can you tell us about your role at Kinvest?

I joined Kinvest in November 2021 as a Junior Officer, primarily focusing on client recruitment and creating effective advertising strategies for our marketplaces in Nyagatare District. I engage with our tenants, fostering relationships to guarantee their service satisfaction. Additionally, I work on recruiting clients for our water kiosks and our transportation service, Tujyane.

What is the impact of the work you do in Nyagatare?

My work in Nyagatare enables local entrepreneurs to think about growing, not just surviving. Our affordable rent prices and transportation services allow them to plan for the future and invest in their communities. By facilitating access to essential tools and services, we are reshaping the living standard in rural areas.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is when we achieve our monthly sales targets. This achievement signifies that we have maximized our outreach and effectively utilized our customer relationship skills. It’s a testament to how Kinvest is genuinely making a difference in the lives of local entrepreneurs, empowering them to transform their local communities.

How has your role at Kinvest contributed to your personal and professional growth?

My role as a Junior Sales Officer has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. Kinvest has provided me with valuable training opportunities related to customer relationships, managing diverse personality types, and effectively relating to clients. These invaluable lessons will serve me well in my future career and life in general.

Which of Kinvest’s values resonates with you the most?

The value of Kinship extends beyond client interactions and is deeply ingrained within our workplace culture. At Kinvest, we foster friendship and mutual respect among employees. I’ve built lasting friendships and have grown as an individual through the mentorship of my colleagues.