Ivomo: Establishing Boreholes 

Feb 26, 2024

We provide water for over 10,000 people.   

In rural Rwanda, access to clean water is a challenge for many families.   

Our clean water program, Ivomo, provides a reliable and affordable clean water source for rural communities in Eastern Rwanda. We install solar-powered water wells that pump five times more water than previously available.  

These water wells are boreholes, deep holes in the ground that tap into underground water sources. Drilling a borehole requires careful consideration to ensure sustainability without depleting the groundwater. Identifying sufficient water reserves to meet the community’s needs, even during dry seasons, is essential. 

At the Gatebe Market Hub, our borehole can pump 30,000 liters daily.   

Drilling depths can vary, but typically, we go over 100 meters deep to access the water source.  

For the Gatebe Borehole, we drilled 130 meters to provide a sustainable water supply.  

Ensuring the quality of the water is equally important. Our borehole systems incorporate natural biofiltration to filter out potential contaminants. Water quality is regularly monitored by our dedicated on-site team, who have received water sanitation training.  

Our mission is to pump water from where it’s abundant to where it’s scarce – right to the heart of rural communities.  

By harnessing the power of solar energy and employing sustainable practices, we’re fostering resilience in the face of water scarcity.