Straton Kabanda

May 22, 2024

I purchased land and built a home.”  

Meet Straton, a tenant at our Nyenyeri Market Hub.   

When we first started our partnership with the Nyenyeri community, our hub operator reached out to Straton, encouraging him to become a tenant so he could access electricity for his carpentry business and be located in a place with high foot traffic.   

The impact of relocating my business here has been incredible,” Straton told us.    

Operating from home, he could only cater to 1-2 clients a week. Since relocating his business to our hub, he has witnessed a 400% increase in weekly clientele

Straton is also a graduate of our Leader Development Program. He shared that his main takeaway from the course was saving money and investing. With increased business revenue, Straton acquired land and built a home he now rents. He and his wife have eight children, and they can now afford to pay their school fees.  

Looking ahead, his business goals include working hard and saving up to purchase a machine that will help him cut timber more efficiently. The new equipment will allow him to expand his product offerings and create different types of furniture for his clients.  

Straton is deeply passionate about seeing more infrastructure developed in the Nyenyeri community. He envisions a future where businesses like his can thrive, supported by improved facilities and resources.  

Join us in supporting entrepreneurs like Straton as we build spaces where small business owners can incubate ideas and accelerate business growth.  

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