Staff Highlight: Celestin

Jan 10, 2024

Working Out Of The :

Introducing Celestin, the Shimwa Paul Market Hub Operator. Here he shares insights into his role and the transformation he’s observed in the Shimwa Paul community.

What is a typical day like at the market hub?

My day begins by greeting tenants as they open their shops. Throughout the day, I record all revenue streams, including water and electricity sales. It’s a bustling environment, and I enjoy engaging with the entrepreneurs and overseeing the hub’s operations.

What do you find most fulfilling about your role?

The most rewarding part is working directly with local entrepreneurs. Witnessing their journey, from the uncertainties of starting a business to gaining confidence through Kinvest’s Leader Development Program, is inspiring. Our hub fosters community and eliminates market isolation.

How has Kinvest impacted the lives of people in Shimwa Paul?

Kinvest’s impact has been transformative. Access to electricity has drawn more customers, which helps our tenants’ businesses. Also, our transportation service, Tujyane, has changed how local small business owners operate by enhancing market access.

What’s your dream for the Shimwa Paul community?

My dream is to see every individual thriving in their own business. I envision a vibrant community where markets are accessible, creating a thriving business network that uplifts the entire area and local economy.